Are There Plans For A GUI Overhaul?

Paul Phillips paul at
Tue Oct 18 03:13:41 EDT 2016

Hi John,

Indeed it is a shame, and I regret causing the discord and suspicion.  
Please accept my apologies.

Thanks for your insight and the link to the SFC.  I shall get in touch 
with them.

The only other way of engaging with the GnuCash project without the need 
of either a contract or management oversight is to create a fork.  It 
would therefore obviously be completely optional whether the dev team 
adopted any of the changes.  But if the fork development matched the 
Gnucash roadmap and project guidelines, the chances of merger would 
presumably increase.

However the key to enabling this to succeed is the user base, and as a 
fork, the user base starts from scratch.


On 18/10/16 02:24, John Ralls wrote:
> Paul,
> Had you approached us that way originally you would have generated much less discord and suspicion. It's a shame you instead chose to start off the way you did.
> I've explained more than once to you that no-one in the GnuCash team is interested in managing anyone. What you're proposing now is just another layer of the same thing: Sure, you'd contract with and project-manage the developers and documentors, but we'd still have to contract with you.
> Incidentally, there's another wrinkle to this which makes it impossible for GnuCash to contract with anyone, but thinking of it reminds me of an entity that might be interested in working with you and helping you flesh out what you need to develop your business, maybe even to help you understand the prospective market for it.
> The wrinkle is that there's no legal entity called GnuCash, so it's not possible for GnuCash to execute a contract with anyone. We have discussed a couple of times signing up with The Software Freedom Conservancy ( to cover that angle but decided that at present we didn't have a need to. I suggest that you get in contact with them; they work internationally and have a good lawyer on their board (who used to be the counsel for the Gnome Foundation and so has a solid grasp of the legal needs of FOSS projects). I think you'll make more progress with your goals that way than with any individual project.
> Regards,
> John Ralls

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