Adding more more calendars ( Specially Jalali )

Amin Aghabeiki amin.aghabeiki at
Thu Oct 20 23:10:54 EDT 2016

Hi All

First I should say sorry for my bad English .

I plan to add new calendar to GnuCash , and want use others experience on

my Idea is :

use Gregorian calendar for store and retrieve data in / out of storing
and add a new layer to just display the other ( Jalalian ) Calender in View

after some research on code , I find Date Cell struct object on code that
use to manage date data , and think to work on it and extend it to support
more calendar.

so my question is :
1- is this idea good for do it.
2- if this idea look good , is my way correct ?  ( Extending Date Cell )


King Regards

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