Development environment on mac

Bob Gustafson bobgus at
Fri Oct 21 12:14:58 EDT 2016


I use Homebrew - and get all my usual Linux tools. No dual boot, no 
plugins, just brew.

You might also sign up as an Apple Developer (now free as I recall). You 
can then download Xcode and some additional command-line tools. But 
Homebrew is the main toolbox.

You also might switch from the GNU C++ compiler to Clang, which is the 
normal OSX C++ compiler (also available for Linux). Clang gives better 
diagnostic messages. The compile speed and execution speed is about the 
same as GNU.

Have fun - BobG

On 10/21/2016 09:05 AM, Phil Longstaff wrote:
> For a project I am involved with, I may need to move to a macbook as my
> development environment. Because my old windows/linux laptop is getting old
> and parts are no longer working, it may no longer be available to me. So, I
> may need to do any future gnucash development on apple products.
> For those here who use mac, what can you tell me? Are the tools we need
> readily available? Do you just dual-boot to linux or use a linux vm? What
> do you use?
> Phil
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