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Wed Apr 12 01:44:47 EDT 2017

> > I wanted to ask if here is any plan for GNUcash to support ISO20022? Did anybody already dig into it?
> I've never even heard of it.

Haha! And once again, the so-called international standard turns out to be more a European standard 😊.

> What banks that you do business with have implemented it? 
Actually the Swiss payment infrastructure is in a adoption phase since fall 2016 and expects a transition phase until 2018. This is all major banks such as PostFinance, UBS, CreditSuisse, etc. personally I do business with Raiffeisen which is also pushing for it. 

> Is it implemented as a file download (so that one would use File>Import) or as part of an online session (requiring AQBanking support to work in GnuCash)?
It seems the standard is aiming at both. My particular use case is file up- and download. As I said already: I did not dig into it yet, but I would volunteer to look into this topic (at least the "offline" import and probably export part) myself. However I wanted to do a first call to check whether this is already on someone's radar as I'm not a friend of duplication.

I'll count your reply as a "at least John Ralls does not have this on his radar". 😊

To my best knowledge, ISO20022 is not too far from/similar to SEPA which seems to be part of AqBanking already. Therefor I'm not sure whether the offline stuff could or should come as part of AqBanking or if a stand-alone solution would be acceptable.

Ueli Niederer

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