Master gtest-gnc-datetime test fails.

Robert Fewell 14ubobit at
Sat Apr 15 07:27:44 EDT 2017


Built current master on my Linux VM and tried to run the tests but it fails
on the following test, if they are commented out all other tests run

Checked my time zone information to be Europe/London

I think the offset is the difference between local time and utc time, so
the first two failures are comparing times in GMT to UTC which I think are
the same so expect 0 and the last one is after we have switched to BST and
so 3600 makes sense to me.

zdump /etc/localtime
/etc/localtime  Sat Apr 15 12:14:57 2017 BST

gtest-gnc-datetime.cpp:103: Failure
Value of: gncdt1.offset()
  Actual: 0
Expected: -28800
gtest-gnc-datetime.cpp:105: Failure
Value of: gncdt2.offset()
  Actual: 0
Expected: -25200
gtest-gnc-datetime.cpp:107: Failure
Value of: gncdt3.offset()
  Actual: 3600
Expected: -25200

Not sure how to fix apart from changing the expected values.


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