Some Assistance Please

Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at
Wed Apr 26 18:35:30 EDT 2017


I am really sorry, but you and 2 other authors got by accident a
ninja-like status for a few month in the wiki. So your changes did not
appear on . Else we would have
given you earlier some advice, were we thought your changes might have

And I am pretty sure, I and almost every other contributor has made some
mistakes, special at the beginning and will more than likely do others
in the future.

Am 26.04.2017 um 18:51 schrieb David T. via gnucash-devel:
> I am somewhat hesitant to take this on; my experience editing Gnucash
> wiki pages is decidedly negative. When last I engaged in the
> editorial process on this particular page, my perspective was not
> considered relevant to the focus of the page.

I do not remember what you are referring here.

> And recently, changes I made to the Glossary were determined to be
> incorrect, and the bulk of them removed altogether. I am not
> interested in putting in the effort of editing a complex wiki
> document only to have that work discarded.

Are you talking about this changeset?

>From the view of documentation writer it is a good idea to convert the
glossary from the wiki into chapter of the docs and replace the wiki
content by a link to the chapter in the docs, to have only one place to

OTOH, a note is much faster published via the wiki than over the docs:
* Is my git repo up to date?
* Which branch should I use in this case?
* Which docbooks tags should I use?
* which make commands are required?
* Which git commands are required?

As another aspect: it is usually much faster to create a wiki link than
an external link.

And there are entries like "g-wrap" which would be annoying in the
official docs, because they are obsolete. But while traveling through
the source tree or searching something else in the email archive you
might find notes referencing this term. Then, IMHO, the wiki glossary
should tell you "(replaced by swig for gnucash >= 2.2.0)"


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