Gnome dropping Bugzilla

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Aug 7 10:22:56 EDT 2017


Geert Janssens <geert.gnucash at> writes:

>> So I think we're going to need our own bugtracker.
>> BZ is Free and it should be fairly simple to get the Gnome bug team to ship
>> us a dump of our part of the database and set up a redirect once we have
>> our instance up and running.
> A couple of years back I managed a bugzilla installation. It is pretty 
> straight-forward to do so. So having our own bugzilla is certainly one option.
> The drawback is our limited server admin staff and hardware which has come up 
> a couple of times in different conversations. We have two servers (one 
> maintained by Linas and one maintained by Derek). Yet each service is hosted 
> only once and each server has only one admin. So our self-hosting scenario has 
> a redundancy issue. The more services we decide to host ourselves, the more 
> critical this becomes IMO.

I'll just point out that, while he was around, JSled had root access to
code.  So we DID have multiple administrators.  Of course that doesn't
help when there's a hardware, power, or local ISP failure.  If there is
another core dev that wants to co-admin code we can talk about access.

Of course this doesn't help with the service redundancy.  If there IS a
local issue (hardware, power, network) then the service will go offline
until it can be repaired.  Granted, I have a large-scale UPS and a
natural-gas-powered backup generator so there is no longer a local power
outage issue.  However HW and ISP issues are a bit more out of my

> Bottom line is we're pretty used to bugzilla and the way it works. OTOH it 
> seems to be a big hurdle or many newcomers or casual users.
> By the way there's a comparison of various (opensource and proprietary) bug 
> trackers on wikipedia in case we want more options to evaluate:
> At this point I'm having a hard time getting my attention on this. I'm mostly 
> focused on getting ready for the first 2.7 development snapshot.

As I said in a previous email, I'm happy to set up Bugzilla.

I would set it up from the beginning such that ALL accounts required
admin approval to prevent spam.

I think the hardest part would be working with the gnome bugzilla people
to get a partial DB dump from them.

>> There's a sort of conceptual timeline on the DevelopmentInfrastructure page
>> but nothing concrete. I'd guess we have at least several months and perhaps
>> as long as a year to have a replacement up and running.
> Which gives us some time to ponder on this. Hopefully.
> Geert


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