Source directory restructuring complete

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Wed Aug 16 03:42:37 EDT 2017

On woensdag 16 augustus 2017 04:37:30 CEST Eric Theise wrote:
> Thanks Geert, that worked. I live in San Francisco so the LA time zone test
> shouldn't normally pose a problem for me.

> I do wonder if there's something stronger than "make --no-print-directory
> check" that suppresses everything but the Testsuite summaries?
I don't know. The extra messages never bothered me. For what it's worth, a 
cmake/ninja build will print one big test summary in the end instead of per 
directory summaries. Perhaps a cmake/make build would do that as well, but I 
never tested that combination myself.

> I now get as far as the "Making check in po" stage.
> ...
> Making check in po
> rm -f missing notexist
> srcdir=../../po /usr/bin/intltool-update -m

All the missing file errors are the result of your build directory being a 
subdirectory of your source directory (which you can also see in the line 
above). This is a known intltool problem and has been the case before the 
restructuring already.

The easiest way to avoid it currently is to make sure your build directory is 
outside of the source directory, for example just aside it in the same parent 
directory like so

Also the warnings will continue to appear until you clean up the build 
artifacts from your previous runs. From the errors I deduce in 
your case that means removing (at least) the current "build" directory and the 
current "share" directory in your source directory.



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