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Hi All,

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> On Jan 6, 2017, at 7:35 PM, Stephen Brown <StephenBrown165 at> wrote:
> Hi All
> So far I have come across three different methods of compiling gnucash.
> One is under Linux but as I do not have a machine running Linux I will not be able to test there.
> The second is under cygwin on a Microsoft Windows machine. I have successfully done that.
> The third is under msys on a Microsoft Windows machine. I am about to download and compile.
> I am meditating on combing these three methods into one.
> I  realize that I am going to have to identify and then switch build environments in autogen code and in C,C++ code and maybe others.
> Any feedback on this idea is welcome.

What you do for entertainment is completely up to you, but I don't see any reason anyone else should be interested. We have a working build setup for Windows using MSYS. It's overly complicated and I can't imagine a reason to make it even more so by introducing Cygwin.

Now if you were to write a new build system to get rid of MingGW entirely and use Microsoft's toolchain...

John Ralls

There is an old saying that lack of knowledge destroys people.
Thank you John for increasing my knowledge.

I am now using the build setup for Windows using MSYS.

Stephen Brown

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