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Tue Jan 17 04:42:20 EST 2017


It's very well possible the space in your user name matters. In our self-
written scripts I have tried to mind about this as much as possible, but lots 
of the build scripts of our dependencies assumes a linux environment in which 
spaces in paths are rather uncommon. So I expect there to be many issues 
because of this.
That's why the build instructions on Windows [1] recommend to build in c:
\gcdev or a similarly short name, which can also be on a second harddrive.

The easiest way to get all the required packages installed is to use the build 
scripts as provided in the gnucash-on-windows repository. How to use them is 
equally explained in the build instructions [1].

Hope this helps,



Op dinsdag 17 januari 2017 08:55:04 CET schreef Stephen Brown:
> Hi All
> In a msys shell on a Windows 10 machine I see
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Stephen Brown_2 at Ace /c/gcdev/gnucash.git
> $ ./
> **Error**: You must have `glib-gettextize' installed to compile GnuCash.
> Get the development packages of the glib-2.x library from your distribution.
> **Error**: You must have `intltoolize' installed to compile GnuCash.
> Get the package 'intltool' of your distribution.
> Stephen Brown_2 at Ace /c/gcdev/gnucash.git
> $
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------ Does the space in my windows login name matter?
> How do I install the required packages?
> Stephen Grant Brown
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