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I appreciate your input.

Personally, I feel that information should be provided at its most direct point. Definitions that relate to GnuCash, and to GnuCash specifically, were terms I left in. Definitions that, while helpful but more generally applicable to an operating system or programming platform, were terms I removed. At some point, a line needs to be drawn between what gets kept, and what is left out. I draw it more closely to GnuCash than you do.

Many of these terms are, as you imply, more important to the development -- that is, the actual coding -- of GnuCash. I see the wiki as a more end user resource now, which might also explain the difference in content choice.

Since you feel strongly about this, I apologize. I also don't agree, however.


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Hi David,

I do not agree with you cleanup. All terms here have been asked on our
different support channels.

When I created the page I moved a bunch of simple questions from the
FAQ. Later I moved a few terms which were explained on multiple pages -
often in contradictory versions.

Almost every term was asked in one or the other way. And many are
referenced somewhere else in the wiki.

While the glossary in the documents has no need for DocBook, Doxygen,
... the developer pages of the wiki reference them.

So I will revert your change.


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