Plan for migration of to new VM?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 18 17:36:43 EST 2017


tl;dr:  I want to migrate code to the new VM.  You'll need to reset your
ssh known_hosts key.  Let me know when would be a good time/date for
you (I'm thinking Sunday afternoon).

Long version:

I've been working on building a new VM for code on the new server.
I've done a preliminary copy of all the current data and I've been
testing the various services to ensure they work.  The only service I
haven't actually tested yet is git.  This move upgrades the server to
Fedora 25, which includes mailman 2.1.21 (alas, not mailman 3).  I also
changed from sendmail to postfix as the MTA.

If there are any particular new features you'd like in the new server,
please let me know sooner rather than later.

A few things to note about the new server:

1) I did not migrate trac.  I will have the current database, but I'm
   not migrating any of the trac services since we don't use it.

2) I copied the SVN repo, but I am not enabling SVN access

3) I'm going to rename the IRC log files to YYYY/MM/DD.html, but I've
   put in a permanent redirect so the old names continue to work.

4) The SSH Host Keys are going to change.  This means you will need to
   reset your known_hosts configurations.  The new keys have the
   following fingerprints:

   256 SHA256:NLWx77E0Yp4oBhNfRJ0d4dlqDr+8nTmVKhOScebgQlY no comment (ECDSA)
   256 SHA256:p3phK2xtXAEKzLEG3qqBvL1WLwqgAqu/Nm5VaZdi9jc no comment (ED25519)
   2048 SHA256:V6oRv7mpv/LLWK1wKUS3xzh7Cxs/YJuOQ//ftVEzuBQ no comment (RSA)

5) I need to find a good date/time for the migration.  I've already
   copied MOST of the data so any downtime would be relatively short as
   it rsync's any changes over.  The process would be:
     a) take old machine "offline" (change its IP address to a private
        address) and open up SSH a bit more
     b) migrate the data to the new server
     c) reconfigure the machine to take over code's IP address
     d) ensure all the services are running
   I expect this to take less than an hour, considering I *think* I've
   got it all configured right now.

6) As part of the migration from sendmail to postfix, I'll be losing any
   email that remains in the mail queue.  I'm just not sure how to
   migrate a sendmail-queued message to a postfix-queued message.
   Google seems to think "get the old server to forward it to the new
   server" but I'm not sure I feel comfortable doing that.  Perhaps I'll
   just shut off incoming email to the old server ~12-24 hours before I
   plan to migrate?

7) If there are any additional changes or reconfigurations you'd like to
   see in the new server, it would be nice to tell me sooner rather than

SO....  Before I migrate, are there any specific tests you'd like me to
perform?  Any service changes you'd like to see?  Also, when would be a
good date/time to perform this migration?  I'm thinking this Sunday
afternoon US/EST.



PS: I can tell already that I/O is MUCH faster on the new server!  Yay!
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