Documentation Docbook Question

David T. sunfish62 at
Sat Jan 28 05:26:29 EST 2017


In working on Bug 777318, I noticed some small issues with the recently-added glossary (which is all my creation).

First, I noticed that it lacks the appropriate section name (“gnc-gloss”).

Next, I noticed that the file lacks a chapter tag.

Third, I noticed that 1.3 About This Book in the Overview chapter does not include a reference to the glossary.

I discovered these in reverse order. First, I noticed that the glossary wasn’t in the overview, so I added the reference there, and received errors from xmllint.

Then I looked at the glossary file to add the id to a section heading, but then noticed the lack of a chapter tag.

The question is: does the glossary have to have a chapter tag? The Guide compiles cleanly without it, but I wonder whether there will be a problem later. Moreover, without the chapter tag, I’m not sure where the section name should be inserted. Would I add it directly to the glossary tag that is already there?


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