New Documentation Bug

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Mon Jan 30 12:25:38 EST 2017

Op maandag 30 januari 2017 21:35:20 CET schreef David T.:
> It occurs to me, though, that John’s comments regarding possible repackaging
> for the Mac make me wonder more generally whether information that is
> intended to be short term (such as this) really belongs in the
> documentation. I am reminded of the What’s New section, which was recently
> removed from the Guide in acknowledgement of the website being a better
> location for this. Temporary transitory information such as this is a poor
> fit in the documentation, as it either forces some person to monitor and
> change the information all the time (which is a challenge), or it ends up
> being dated and misleading to users.
This took me by surprise. I didn't see any mention of John's intentions to 
change this. Had to dig back in the archives to find this indeed buried in the 
"Change storage format of existing data" thread, which I admit to have skimmed 
only before due to time restraints. That's good news of course!

> I do not know what the best solution in this broader situation is; I am open
> to suggestions. In the meantime, I will see whether I can work out language
> that both addresses the issue and mitigates the editorial burden.

Well, current documentation is for the 2.6 release in which the sql backend on 
OSX only supports sqlite. So that's the information which should be in the 2.6 
docs. I believe this can be one short note at the spot where you explain which 
sql types are supported. It doesn't need much elaboration.

If John does find the time to fix this for 2.8 (which I surely hope!), the 
accompanying documentation needs an update. The trick will be to remember at 
that point this needs updating...

Alternatively you can hold off the PR for this piece of information until it 
will be more clear whether or not this will happen for 2.8.

I can't think of better options ATM.


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