build after last update

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Mon Jul 10 06:28:09 EDT 2017

On zondag 9 juli 2017 22:33:34 CEST Alex Aycinena wrote:
> Spoke too soon. When I tried to start gnucash with 'bin/gnucash --debug
> --log gnc.scm=debug --nofile', got:
> gnc.gui:ERROR:/home/gnucash-dev/gitcheckouts/gnucash-clean-new/src/gnome-uti
> ls/gnc-icons.c:103:gnc_load_app_icons: assertion failed:
> (gtk_icon_theme_has_icon (icon_theme, file->icon_name)) Aborted (core
> dumped)


I have rewritten this function to avoid the assert. It wasn't really required. 
That doesn't explain though why you hit it and I don't.

So I have added some debug output (to be enabled by setting gnc.gui=info). 
This will print out all paths where gtk will search for our icons.

Can you check whether the icons the new function will complain about are 
available in any subdirectory of these directories ?


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