Webkit-gtk version

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Sun Jul 16 15:50:03 EDT 2017

> On Jul 16, 2017, at 4:19 AM, Robert Fewell <14ubobit at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just want to clarify what versions of webkit-gtk is now required. My test
> VM that has gtk3.10 and webkit2gtk-4.0, version 2.6.6 which does not have
> "allow-file-access-from-file-urls", 2.10 has this and so end up with error
> in trace file and there is also a critical error when I close gnucash with
> a report page open. My other test VM has gtk3.22 and webkit2gtk-4.0,
> version 2.16.3 and so I do not see this problem.
> I suppose if it tested for version 2.10 and was not found it could fallback
> to webkit1gtk which I think is also installed.


Fixed and pushed. That property and allow-universal-access-from-file-urls just needed to be version-checked.

John Ralls

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