Strange behavior of GitHub

Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at
Wed Jul 26 19:17:59 EDT 2017

A quick look at
shows only
gnucash-docs master: Multiple changes pushed   Frank H.Ellenberger

There seems to be no hook, which pulls changes on github to code.
Together with my git remote configuration:
origin (fetch)
origin  git at (push)
somehow the changes get lost.

After my pull, my local repo "thinks" code is already up to date and
does not push them there.

And code then seems then to reset github silently.

So I will split my remote origin.


Am 26.07.2017 um 23:28 schrieb Frank H. Ellenberger:
> Hi all,
> Dmitry watched, that his PRs disappeared from Maint after I merged them
> in Master.
> So, what happened?
> He sent PR 100-104 to github
> I pulled them via
> sequently into maint, after each calling locally:
> (with git checkout maint)
>  git pull
>  make
>  make check
> He watched, they did not appear in
> I run yesterday locally
>  git checkout master
>  git merge maint
>  make
>  make check
>  git push
> The guides in{de|ru}/ were regenerated
> last night, while *.{epub|mobi|pdf} are still from 2017-07-01. But that
> is a separate issue.
> Today Dmitry informs me, his commits disappeared from maint on github.
> On my machine I have now 21 unpushed commits in maint.
> I am clueless, but remember before the last release also one commit
> disappeared.
> Does anybody whant to investigate in the current state or can I push
> them now again?
> Regards
> Frank

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