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I think, the reason for this behavior was the disappeared changes from
"maint" brunch after merging with "master". See topic " strange behavior of

Best Regards,

Am 27.07.2017 12:43 vorm. schrieb "Derek Atkins" <warlord at>:

Um, we DO build the maint branch of gnucash-docs.


"Frank H. Ellenberger" <frank.h.ellenberger at> writes:

> Hi Derek,
> I am wondering if building the master branch of gnucash-docs is such a
> good solution.
> we have one or two documented features of the 2.8 serie in master but
> the bulk is done on maint: Almost daily improvements of the russian and
> as spinoff german translation - thanks to Dmitry.
> If I then forget to run git merge; make check ...
> the changes do mot appear the next day.
> So if there are no objections I would suggest to build the maint branch
> of the docs.
> Regards
> Frank

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