Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Mon Jul 31 15:52:36 EDT 2017

On vrijdag 28 juli 2017 18:07:41 CEST Robert Fewell wrote:
> All, just for information I have been tinkering in the register code,
> mainly on the appearance, hopefully have some thing to pull after the
> weekend.
> What I have done so far is get the header alignment working, added a css
> class to set the background, text and border colours.Changed the sheet cell
> alignment so all the borders are visible, added a css class for the
> GncItemEdit with the border colour used for the cursor and made it fit the
> cell.
> Question, all of the css stuff is stored in the application gnucash.css
> file but if that is missing should there be hard coded defaults so the
> register is still readable or should that file missing stop the application
> being loaded.
> Bob


I'm back in town as of today and I'm slowly processing my backlog.

I see you have been busy while I was away. Great!

To answer your question: I would suggest to use the same approach as gtk 
itself does. As the css is critical for the proper display of some of our 
custom widgets, it should be included in the form of a GResource [1] directly 
into the binary instead of a file on disk that may or may not be present. Gtk 
does this for example for its (default) Adwaita theme. More details may be 
found directlyin the gtk sources.

Your css work so far and this mail made me think some more about the css 
concept for gnucash and perhaps we need to refine our initial idea. I'll post 
those in a separate mail though.



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