SCM reports - dynamic menus?

Cindy Doughty dbdoughty at
Mon May 15 20:27:02 EDT 2017

Thanks for all of your work on gnucash.  I switched to the program in late
January and think it is very good.  I am trying to create a new report and
have a problem with callbacks.

Can the list of choices for a menu item be dynamic?  Can the list be
changed based on a users selection earlier on the page?  Currently I am
trying to change the list in a multichoice gnc:make-multichoice-option  by
putting the changes in a gnc:make-multichoice-callback-option  but this
doesn't seem to work.

I'd like to have a menu choice as follows:

select time period        month

and next to it or below it if month is selected have the menu choice of


and if year is selected have the choices change to

I'd appreciate it if someone can point me to some sample code.

Doug Doughty

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