should ALPHAVANTAGE_API_KEY be a system or user variable

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Mon Nov 13 16:35:59 EST 2017

Op maandag 13 november 2017 22:20:31 CET schreef Derek Atkins:
> Geert,

> Why can't we just setenv() or putenv() the API Key prior to calling the
> scripts?

gnc-fq-dump is not called from within gnucash so it's up to the caller to 
ensure the environment variable is set. I would prefer both such external 
scripts and gnucash would see the same API key so the user has to set it only 
once in one location.
And I was thinking wider than gnucash as well. This API key is really 
something internal to Finance::Quote so there may be other applications 
depending on it though I have no concrete examples for that.

As an analogy aqbanking manages a number of settings we allow the user to set 
from within gnucash. They are not stored with the gnucash settings though, but 
in the $HOME/.aqbanking directory. That allows for other applications to use 
the same settings (like eg KMyMoney).


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