update of guile version in windows build

Sébastien de Menten sdementen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 17:23:58 EST 2017

I have installed gnucash 2.7 on windows (downloaded the binaries) but can't
make it work.
Anyone using the 2.7 binaries for windows successfully?

On Nov 14, 2017 11:00 AM, "Geert Janssens" <geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be>

Op dinsdag 14 november 2017 09:01:01 CET schreef Sébastien de Menten:
> hello,
> What version of guile is packaged with the windows build of gnucash ?
> I have the impression it is the 1.8.8 released in 2010 but am not sure...
> if so, would it be possible to upgrade it to 2.0 or 2.2 ?
> sebastien

Gnucash 2.6 is indeed still shipped with guile 1.8 on Windows. Gnucash
will ship guile 2.0 on all platforms.



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