[MAINT] Network Work on Code Sunday, Oct 1, 1-4pm EDT

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Oct 3 11:03:48 EDT 2017

GWB <gwb at 2realms.com> writes:

> So AT&T's network equipment works when nothing is connected to it?
> Clearly this is a success story.  If the tech had been allowed to try
> the new modem, that would have greatly sped up the troubleshooting
> process.  If it had worked as before, then problem solved.  If not,
> then you could debug your network topography on your side.

Well, it works when I'm just connected with a laptop.  That proves (to
them) that it's not their equipment.  It could be my equipment.  It
could be a bad interaction between..  It's very hard to say.

> That's actually more frustrating than I thought.  Maybe another phone
> call to ask them to just please try a different modem before you spend
> all that time chasing a problem that might not exist.

The problem is my static IPs.  I can't just replace the modem.  And I
can't just "take a random IP address" because it requires coordination
to also migrate my tunnels, which is how code.gnucash.org gets its IP

> I have managed to keep the static (fixed) IP I have, but not without a
> struggle.  The solution is sometimes just having a "dumb" modem
> connected to the LAN with the switching equipment at the telecomm set
> to assign a fixed IP.  Sometimes I have to lease a fixed IP from a
> different provider who then contracts with a local telecomm.  In any
> event, it's worth it, and necessary.

I have a /29 from them.

> Check around.  Anywhere from Cambridge to Dedham should be any number
> of telecomm trunk leasing outfits.

Alas, Cambridge is about 1000 miles from here.  While I DID live in
Somerville for ~14 years, I'm now much further south ;)

> Gordon


PS: There is still a SMALL chance that it's not my VM system..  I'm
considering taking it offline again this afternoon to test it again.
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