[MAINT] Network Work on Code Sunday, Oct 1, 1-4pm EDT

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Oct 6 12:47:18 EDT 2017


GWB <gwb at 2realms.com> writes:

> The Edgerouter Pro should have an iptables firewall, and my guess is
> that you can look at it with a VM (Dimension VM, or something like
> that).  I gave up on using the router as anything other than a minimal
> firewall some time ago.  But most people can make that work, and
> router processor capacity gets better and better over time.  /48 looks
> familiar, but that must be a different notation than IP octal. 

Correct, the /48 an IPv6 net-block size.

>  /32 gives you exactly one host (2 to the 0=1, which is the 0 bit).

In IPv4, this is true.  In IPv4 a /32 is a HUGE net block!

>  /31
> gives you zero hosts (intuitively, 2 to the 1 should be 2 hosts, but
> this isn't the way it works; 0 bit gives one host, 1 bit gives zero).
> You could try "tightening up" your subnet masks on each segment of the
> LAN (i.e., a netmask of would be a /26, or 6 bit, or
> 64 IP addresses; is a 5 bit, or /27, 32 IP addresses).
> But that could break something else if the router thinks it has 256 IP
> addresses.

Yes, I understand all this.  However, I don't see how any of this is
useful.  Sorry.

> Gordon

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