Font colours in 2.8

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Mon Oct 16 16:03:39 EDT 2017

Op vrijdag 13 oktober 2017 11:59:37 CEST schreef Mike Evans:
> I've ranted elsewhere about the "fashion" of grey text on grey background
> elsewhere on the web but I never expected it to appear in GnuCash.
> I know it's trendy an' all but as an "older" (also grumpy) user I find it
> hard to read grey on grey. In order to use the latest version I need to
> change the font colour to black. It seems to be only the tabs are affected.
> I've tried the various settings in Fedora to change the colours to no avail,
> is this hard coded somewhere?
> Mike E
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I understand your grudge against this grey text on grey background.

I do want to point out this  is not a conscious design choice of the gnucash 
devs. We get it "for free" from the default gtk3 theme (Adwaita).

I don't think it would make sense for gnucash to redefine the default system 
theme for the complete gui. Instead there are a few options to sort this out:

1. you can directly tweak the colors as Bob suggested
2. alternatively you can also find a gtk3 theme that has more sane color 
presets. The advantage of this approach would be that is will work for all 
gtk3 applications you might have installed and not only gnucash.



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