New Account Dialog

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Sat Sep 2 04:28:00 EDT 2017

On zaterdag 2 september 2017 02:23:54 CEST John Ralls wrote:
> > On Sep 1, 2017, at 4:25 PM, Alex Aycinena <alex.aycinena at> wrote:
> > (note: I used an 'edit account' dialog instead of a 'new account' dialog, 
without thinking, but it shouldn't make any difference, it just doesn't have 
an opening balance notebook tab):
> It also has a label instead of a combo box for commodity.
Only if the account already has splits. But that appears to be the case in the 
account Alex used as example.

> Since GtkComboBoxes can display tree views as well as list views, how about
> making the parent account a combo box too?
Good idea.

I also think David C makes a good point about the sequence in which one would 
expect to enter the info.

I think Account type and currency are more important than account color or 
notes, but less important than name, code and description. So for me they 
could fit there. Since parent account must be set before account type can be 
set, it would then have to go between description and account type. If it does 
become a combo box, it can be part of the identification group IMO, where 
account type and friends can stay in their own group as you have done.
The remaining bits would then become yet another group (Miscellaneous or 
something like that). I'm open to better suggestions as well :)


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