Travis test failure in test-import-map

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Sat Sep 2 10:25:30 EDT 2017

On zaterdag 11 maart 2017 13:57:52 CEST Robert Fewell wrote:
> For information I have added this to my test branch travis.yml file...
> after_failure: for file in $( find . -name 'test*.log' ); do echo -e
> "\n## $file"$'\n\n'"$(cat -- "$file")" >> all.txt; done && cat all.txt


Since I was working on the Travis script anyway, I have added a variant of 
this code that will output LastTest.log (for cmake based builds) or all the 
test*.log files (for autotools based builds) on failure.

And yes it looks like there's a race condition somewhere in the acount-imap 
code or the test. That part isn't solved yet unfortunately.


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