multi-column reports include incorrect sub-reports

Wm wm_o_o_o at
Fri Sep 8 20:44:50 EDT 2017

On 07/09/2017 11:43, Geert Janssens wrote:
> On donderdag 7 september 2017 11:50:09 CEST Carsten Rinke wrote:
>> Hi Geert,
>> I am interested to have a look into *
>> * <>
>> *Bug 764245* <>
>> -multi-column reports include incorrect sub-reports
>> Just to save double-work:
>> Is this something that you are already close to resolve?
>> /Carsten
> Hi Carsten,
> Feel free to jump in. I still haven't gotten around to it.
> My intention to fix this was to introduce uuids for report instantiations as
> well and save those with each saved report instance. Then these numbers can be
> used in the multi-column report as well.
> As said on the bug report, since this breaks the current save/load interface
> we'll need to increase the saved-reports file's version number.
> But perhaps you have a better idea.
> Geert

The major fail that I reported has been fixed, I can see there is some 
tidying to be done.

Geert: since you are looking at
which contains
is it worth splitting out
into component reports in a sub directory ?

That is the very obvious way I kept rebuilding
when it was breaking frequently.

i.e. should the relocation of .gnucash include a rethink of
because in some situations it can become unwieldy (think multiple sets 
of side by side charitable accounts and that is before you get to the 
budget reports!)

P.S. I'm not moaning, the multi-column reports are much more reliable 
than when I reported them.

P.P.S. reading through
again, I'm fairly sure something made it better, I just can't remember 
what it was right now and it isn't obviously in the bug thread.


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