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pjlbyrne pjlbyrne at
Tue Apr 3 12:12:18 EDT 2018


I found a typo on the gnucash wiki so I attempted to register in order to
fix it.

Firstly, the captcha box on the registration form appears to be broken. It
refers to an 'obsolete version 1 captcha' and has a link to the newer

Secondly, I did get an account on the wiki but I don't seem to have
permission to edit pages. How do I acquire this please?

Perhaps these 2 issues are related?


PS does anyone have a Visual Studio solution to build gnucash? It would
greatly simplify things for me.

PPS If someone can point me to a debug build of gnucash which is, say, on an
automated build server then I could run that locally to reproduce the crash,
and see what visual studio can tell me about the stacktrace etc. This would
enable me to report the failure point withot getting gnucash built myself,
which is looking to be a non-trivial exercise at the moment. Thanks P

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