gnc_add_swig_guile_command compile errors

DaveC49 davidcousens at
Fri Apr 6 20:38:46 EDT 2018

Thanks Rob,

John passed on the message to me. I was following the Build#Ubuntu page on
the wiki, so this may need modifying too. I will keep notes as I sort out
and get used to building with Cmake. I guess the other cure would be to use
../../gnucash-3.0 to go up to the parent directory from a build-cmake inside
to top level gnucash directory. With the extract from the tarball from the
website, this is labelled gnucash-3.0. 

I haven't pulled it down with git in which case it may not have the major
version number attached to the folder. 

I generally prefer to have the build directory under the top level directory
as I sometimes have sources for a couple of versions and that keeps the
relevant build with the source for that version.



David Cousens
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