[GNC-dev] import map editor

Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 10:10:53 EDT 2018


Am 11.04.2018 um 15:29 schrieb Stefan Mueller:
> Hallo Robert,
> you mean to do the reconciliation in *Import Dialog *> *Match Transactions*as
> shown here.
> <https://cvs.gnucash.org/docs/de/gnucash-guide/figures/basics_import_general1.png>
> I've jsut tested it. Now, there are entries in the *Import Map Editor* but
> only in the *Bayesian* list. What about *Non-Bayesian* and *Online ID*, how
> are they get filled?
> I added a transaction manually and reconciled it but nothing shows up
> in  *Import
> Map Editor* but I reckon that is not covered by it, isn't it.
> In addition is there any posbility to influnce the *Bayesian matching *as
> it can be done in the settings for online banking import
> <https://cvs.gnucash.org/docs/de/gnucash-guide/basics-prefs1.html#basics-onlinebank2>.
> Will be there any documentation soon?
> During my research I find a very good but lonley piece of documentation
> about the import process, 2.7. Daten importieren
> <https://cvs.gnucash.org/docs/de/gnucash-guide/basics-import1.html>, on
> what all my statements mainly base on. Will it find a way in the official
> documentation?

Your link is the nightly build of the official documentation in german.
Perhaps David remembers where it moved in the english version?

> The is properly off-topic and has to go in a separated email but during the
> import process I nocticed that in  *Import Dialog *> *Transaction *
> *Information*
>    1. Column selction
>    2. Trailing line to Skip number
> not saved, when saving settings.
> thx
> stefan


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