[GNC-dev] Bug 795101 - Scroll Bar in Reconcile Window Floats in and covers the check boxes

Robert Fewell 14ubobit at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 10:52:05 EDT 2018

Would like some thoughts on possible fix...

There seems to be three options but I may of missed something, move the
toggle reconcile column, make it wider or add a dummy spacer column.

The first may not be liked..
The last seems a bit over kill.
So making the column wider seems the best / easiest.

In reconcile-view.c you have the line below which sets the column title...

    gnc_search_param_set_title ((GNCSearchParam *) param, _("Reconciled:R")
+ 11);

All I need to do is add a couple of spaces either side of the 'R' which I
assume I can not do as it would affect the translation string

    gnc_search_param_set_title ((GNCSearchParam *) param, _("Reconciled:
R  ") + 11);

But can I add this after above line, it works on my setup, is this OK.

    // to allow space for the vertical scrollbar showing, add a couple of
    gnc_search_param_set_title ((GNCSearchParam *) param,
              g_strconcat ("  ", ((GNCSearchParam *) param)->title, "  ",


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