[GNC-dev] Register + Unicode (was Re: emojis everywhere...)

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 12 10:13:30 EDT 2018

On 08/04/2018 07:30, Eric Siegerman wrote:

sensible world view stuff that shouldn't have to be said

> [*] We call our numerals "Arabic", but most(?) of the Arab world
> actually uses different ones -- somewhat related to ours, but not
> closely enough to be very legible to my Anglo eyes.  I believe
> ours are descended from a regional variant that was, and is, used
> only in parts of North Africa -- and thus in Moorish Spain, from
> where the rest of Europe got them.

I think you are being too generous to JohnR, he already knows this and 
just doesn't want to fix stuff immediately after a load of changes.

It is ordinary for him to be defensive if there are a few mistakes.

How about we describe changes and see what happens?

For the record I am frustrated too.


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