[GNC-dev] emojis everywhere, seeking understanding / clarity / opinion

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 12 11:01:29 EDT 2018

On 08/04/2018 04:38, John Ralls wrote:

> Well, I suppose that’s always a concern with pictographs, eh? The standard 

*the* standard ?

> specifies a description, in a few words of English, of what each code point is supposed to represent. 

*supposed* to

 > After that it’s up to the artist creating the glyph to interpret that 
description and create something in 64 pixels that evokes the description.

Do you really not care what they represent ?

Do you really not care that many things (possibly some opinions you may 
not like) may be represented ?

> There’s no way the standard can specify what the artist comes up with nor how individuals will interpret the work. 

Disagree strongly.  Show me a swastika and I have an emotion.  Don't 
care if it is new amerika Trump supporters or not ... and I'm not from a 
jewish background.

Why can you not see that these emoticons / glyphs / whatever have meaning ?

What is there to be denied ?

Why is "I hate women" OK in an emoticon but not in an account description ?

Really not getting your view on this, JohnR

> So I said that the trumpet emoji (code point 0x1f3ba, see https://emojipedia.org/trumpet/ <https://emojipedia.org/trumpet/> for some examples of how different artists have interpreted it) isn’t going to display a Trump (who doesn’t yet have a Unicode code point).

Maybe you support him :(

I can assure you there are any number of non complimentary 
representations of Trump on line.  The thing I am struggling with is why 
you are attempting to support the idiot!

FFS this shouldn't be about you being a fuckwit supporter!

This is mean to be about accounting software.


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