[GNC-dev] emojis everywhere, seeking understanding / clarity / opinion

Herbert Thoma herbert.thoma at iis.fraunhofer.de
Thu Apr 12 12:21:45 EDT 2018

This is a really strange discussion ...

Am 12.04.2018 um 17:01 schrieb Wm via gnucash-devel:


> Disagree strongly.  Show me a swastika and I have an emotion.  Don't care if it is new amerika Trump supporters or not ... and I'm not from a jewish background.
> Why can you not see that these emoticons / glyphs / whatever have meaning ?
> What is there to be denied ?
> Why is "I hate women" OK in an emoticon but not in an account description ?

How should the developers prohibit that any user names an account "I hate women"?
Or "I love Trump"?

Any string can hold any unicode character and the user is free to edit any string
as he pleases. And this is a *good thing* (TM).

If you don't like emoticons or account names like "I hate women" then just don't
use such strings. But you should not impose your view of the world onto other users.


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