[GNC-dev] New invoice date opened shows 01/01/1970, possibly other places

Robert Fewell 14ubobit at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 13:01:09 EDT 2018

Not sure about this but I have tracked this down as follows...

in dialog-invoice.c we start with this in the dialog

iw->opened_date = gnc_date_edit_new (gnc_time (NULL), FALSE, FALSE);

looking at the time64 number this starts of correct, i.e. today's value.

At some point this function gets called 'gnc_invoice_update_window' and on
line 1766 we have

time = gncInvoiceGetDateOpened (invoice);

and time is 9223372036854775807 which is INT64_MAX which is what is
returned for null invoice

following that we have...

if (!time)
        gnc_date_edit_set_time (GNC_DATE_EDIT (iw->opened_date),  gnc_time
         gnc_date_edit_set_time (GNC_DATE_EDIT (iw->opened_date), time);

So, should that be 'if(time == INT64_MAX)', is this the invalid date value
now ?
and I noticed when I searched for gnc_date_edit_new, some used
gnc_time(NULL) while others used time(NULL)
what's preferred, should they be changed ?



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