[GNC-dev] Bye-bye Unstable

Eric Siegerman pub08-gnc at davor.org
Thu Apr 19 11:15:50 EDT 2018

On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 10:29:23AM +0200, Geert Janssens wrote:
> In the 2.7 
> development cycle we experimented with an extra "unstable" *branch* to do the 
> unstable releases from.

Which is pretty standard practice -- except for the name.
Intuitively, I'd expect a branch called "unstable" to be *less*
stable than master, not more so.  Perhaps this caused some of the
confusion that has been expressed both here and in the similar
thread over in -user.

I imagine the branch got its name as the source of the "unstable"
release series, but still...

> For future unstable releases we will probably just do 
> them from the master branch instead and forget an unstable branch ever 
> existed.

Makes sense.  Since (as it appeared to me as a lurker) the whole
team switched over to stabilization mode, with dev work toward
4.x on hold for the duration, the additional branch likely didn't
add much value.  But should you ever change your minds, may I
suggest calling the third branch "stabilization" -- or a shorter
quasi-synonym, e.g. "beta".

  - Eric

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