[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3.0 wine versus Windoze 10

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Fri Apr 20 12:58:25 EDT 2018

Congratulations on building gnucash!

Op vrijdag 20 april 2018 18:44:15 CEST schreef Robin Chattopadhyay:
> David-
> Thank you very much for this comprehensive tutorial for building from
> source. I'm newish to Linux and I want to be able to do this but I've been
> confused. I managed to muddle through building 3.0 from source the evening
> before your email came.
> I have some lingering questions that maybe this group can help with:
> After downloading the source and extracting the files, I made a second
> directory for the build, so I had:
> /home/foo/gnucash-3.0
> /home/foo/gnucash-build
> Is this a correct/reasonable/best practice?

Yes, making a build director next to your source directory is a good practice 
though more experienced developers may prefer different naming schemes.

> After I successfully ran cmake and make install and I can run gnucash, what
> if anything, can I or should I delete? Or should I keep the source and
> build directories?
It depends a bit on where you chose to install gnucash and what you want to do 

First, if you chose to install gnucash somewhere under /usr you will probably 
want to keep both directories because the only way to cleanly remove gnucash 
starts from your build directory in that case.

If it's in a directory inside your home directory, that doesn't play. 
Uninstalling there will be as easy as removing the directory in which it got 

In summary, you won't need either directory again to "run" gnucash. You may 
want to keep it to "uninstall" gnucash, or to rebuild (perhaps from a git 
clone instead of a release tarball to get the latest fixes).

> I was running into problems with cmake when I set -D WITH_PYTHON=ON. I
> didn't capture any of the error messages, but it IIRC it was complaining
> about not having some test utility. I eventually switched to -D
> WITH_PYTHON=OFF and I was able to proceed. Is it possible that this is
> related to not installing the GTEST/GMOCK packages?

No this is not related to GTEST/GMOCK. When you enable python, the build 
system requires the python testing framework, which is not always installed by 
default and the package to install it from differs greatly from platform to 
platform. On fedora it's called python3-pytest I believe.

Enjoy your freshly built gnucash :)


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