[GNC-dev] Proposed updates to Wiki Build#Ubuntu pages

DaveC49 davidcousens at bigpond.com
Fri Apr 20 20:27:46 EDT 2018

Hi John,

My apologies for my misinterpretation of why Google recommended that
googlemock and googletest not be built as shared libraries. I now understand
the problem with  a lot of conditional code and different compile flags and
on the build for a calling program and the libraries much better. 

It was my first experience with googletest when I started compiling v3. I
found it very difficult to find online information about setting up
googletest and the info on the README on Github was buried in a subdirectory
for v1.8.0. I also didn't pick up in v1.7.0 that building googlemock also
built the gtest libraries as well initially. My excuse is that I was
skimming through a lot of information and some misinformation online at the
time. I only really began to follow what setting up GTEST_ROOT and
GMOCK_ROOT did when I started looking inside GncAddTest.cmake. I must
confess to finding a lot of the information I found to be terse and often
assuming a depth of acquired knowledge of the history of the package
development I didn't have. 

I suspect many of us now building Gnucash3 will be in the same class of
knowing enough to be dangerous and to have a go but not yet having the depth
of knowledge you and Geert and the other developers have acquired the hard
way over time. 

I was left with the libraries from a previous build after having removed the
sources so I could not use sudo make uninstall to remove them.  The Linux
Mint distro package also had an uninstall from the menu which normally
removed them but for some reason didn't this time. It is probably an obvious
step when you are a developer and regularly build the program, but not so
much to those of us who only build it occasionally and are lower down on the
learning curve.

I will have a look at the README and combine that with my experience and see
if I can try to make the Build#Ubuntu section a bit clearer for us relative
newbies to development.



David Cousens
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