[GNC-dev] Python: About Wrapping SWIG Objects (GncNumeric)

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Mon Aug 6 06:08:35 EDT 2018

Op maandag 6 augustus 2018 11:35:43 CEST schreef c.holtermann at gmx.de:
> Then you speak of c++ GncNumeric. As I understand you are moving the
> source
> from c to c++. So the python bindings need to reflect that. That sounds
> like
> another piece of work. Is there imminent need for change there ? Chances
> of
> breaking changes ?

We're indeed converting the internals of gnucash (that part we refer to as 
"libgnucash" among developers) to c++. As long as parts of gnucash as a whole 
still depend on the c interface that will continue to exist as a wrapper 
around the c++ code. So the C interface will probably still be around for a 
couple of years. So there is still quite some time available to port the 
python bindings.

I suggested this as an interesting project in my previous mail. Thinking about 
this some more it probably only makes sense when all of the objects that are 
being wrapped are converted to C++. I guess the wrapper would otherwise have 
to wrap both the C and the C++ interface to provide full functionality, which 
sounds a bit awkward.

A first experiment to get an idea of what to expect on the other hand may 
still be useful.



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