[GNC-dev] Bug 796778 Feature Request Multiple Selection in Import- matcher

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Sun Aug 12 06:47:51 EDT 2018


>From what I've read in the GtkTreeView documentation, the rubber-banding
mode only seems to support selection by dragging the mouse so one is only
able to select consecutive rows, not a group of single non-contiguous rows.
I could of course be wrong on that.  It obviously sets the
GTK_SELECTION_MULTIPLE mode of a GtkTreeSelection along with the drag
detection. I find the Gtk documentation extremely terse and unhelpful in
some areas. I did find a reference to the row-activated signal being emitted
when"when a non-editable row is selected and one of the keys: Space,
Shift+Space, Return or Enter is pressed." which would permit non-mouse row
activation to initiate the selection of a transfer account

I also found a Python gtk discussion to the effect that GtkTreeView's
slection capabilities were limited pretty well to the drag over to select
and from that found a hint on how to do Ctrl click event detection using the
GdkEventButton using the event-> state and also how to detect the right
click event.  When I included that in the import-main-matcher.c the
row-activated signal stopped working. I am assuming here that the python GTK
implementation is an exact parallel of the C++ implementation. I would
expect it to be pretty similar and possibly just the C++ code in Python

I may have to setup a dummy program implementing  a TreeView and just play
with how things work with rubber banding and multiple selection until I
understand it better and the interaction between the rubber-banding and
multiple selection mode. Usually the best way of understanding incomplete or
unclear documentation.

I'm away for a few days on holidays so I'll try and tackle it then if my
wife lets me get an opportunity. Otherwise it will be when I return.



David Cousens
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