[GNC-dev] Location of XML Schema

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Thu Aug 16 03:28:16 EDT 2018

Op woensdag 15 augustus 2018 17:16:04 CEST schreef Derek Atkins:
> David,
> "David T." <sunfish62 at yahoo.com> writes:
> > Ah! Thank you! I have updated the links.
> > 
> > On a more substantial note: I see that this page makes significant
> > reference to changes in XML implementation from version 1.9
> > forward. An examination of the page history shows that most of the
> > content was developed in 2006.
> > 
> > At this point, I believe that this information is essentially
> > unimportant, since we are now at version 3.2 [2.8 in the old
> > numeration]. My inclination would be to drastically reduce (or
> > eliminate altogether) this discussion as no longer relevant to the
> > user base. However, I recognize that there may be a desire to retain
> > this information for historical purposes, and I put the question to
> > the developer base: what would you prefer happens with the information
> > on this page?
> I think it's safe to remove it; the old text will remain in the page
> history.

Same here. I prefer the wiki to match the current situation as closely as 
possible so I would delete outdated information for anything older than the 
previous major release series or if really requested two previous release 
series (so anything before either 2.6.x or 2.4.x could go or should be 


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