[GNC-dev] Alpha Vantage as Data Source for Finance::Quote (F::Q)

AlphaVantage Support support at alphavantage.co
Thu Aug 23 21:58:05 EDT 2018

Hello Team GnuCash,

Greetings from Team Alpha Vantage.

First of all, thank you so much for using Alpha Vantage as a data source
for the *Finance::Quote (F::Q) *feature in GnuCash. We are thrilled to be
part of such a groundbreaking project!

To better serve the GnuCash community, we are happy to provide a generous
API rate limit for GnuCash users at a significantly discounted price
compared to that of our standard premium API key
<https://www.alphavantage.co/premium/>. Our mission is to democratize
access to financial market data and would be honored to join forces with
you along the way.

Could you please kindly advise on how to best relay the information to the
GnuCash users?


Team Alpha Vantage

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