[GNC-dev] Documentation Version Display

David T. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 08:51:34 EDT 2018


Today, I had the opportunity to examine the online Help text, where I saw detailed information about the Transaction Report, which has recently changed radically. The information provided on the online Help clearly references the new version of this report, which I surmise because I am still running 2.6.21, and I do not have this version of the report.

Here is the problem: there is no indication in the online resources (either in the document itself, or on Gnucash.org <http://gnucash.org/>) the version of GnuCash to which the documentation refers. This could lead to user confusion, as they see help that refers to functionality that they do not have.

I am sure that the stock answer here will be: “GnuCash is currently on release 3.2, and therefore the documentation available at Gnucash.org <http://gnucash.org/> reflects the current release.” I respect that. 

However, at any given time, there will be people who choose for one reason or another not to upgrade to the latest and greatest version—or more problematically, are unaware that they are not running the latest version. These users would benefit from being informed *somewhere* that the documentation that they are consulting is for a particular version. Is there some way to add the version number to the header of the documentation pages? (The footer is also an option, but is less preferable online since the footer is often well off screen, and may not be noticed by a distressed user trying to figure out a problem). If the version covered were presented on screen on every page, then the user would have a clear reminder of this.

David T.

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