[GNC-dev] Bugzilla Structure

David T. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 10:28:48 EDT 2018


I was just trying to track down the status of documentation bug 777893, and was stymied for a bit. 

A bit of history: I raised the bug to induce the addition of information about the SQL formats. Subsequently, I wrote a section for inclusion in the Guide, which was submitted 10 days ago as Pull Request #109.

Today, I wanted to go add the PR # to the bug, and clicked my way to the bugzilla section for the Guide, only to not find the bug in question. Searching by bug number shows that the bug was entered under Help, rather than Guide. This situation points out that breaking the bugs out to this level of granularity can have negative effects: first, it forces a reporter to decide on the appropriate document for a bug, rather than focus on the problem in question; second a user looking for these bugs must discern the specific document to which a given bug was assigned in order to locate said bug; third, it causes difficulty if a given bug recommends changes to more than one piece of documentation, as this bug does—which doc does the bug get assigned to?

While it may have seemed an advance to be able to structure our bugs to cover specific documents, I wonder at the choice at this point, and ask how difficult it would be either to change the structure itself, or find a way to allow users the option of seeing all Doc bugs in an aggregated screen?


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