Future allocated money, aka Envelope Budgeting

cicko alen.siljak at gmx.com
Tue Feb 6 07:10:13 EST 2018

GnuCash - Dev mailing list wrote
> for e.g. I am, at the moment, in the process of doing my multiple view 
> portfolio analysis starting from
> https://www.ledger-cli.org/3.0/doc/ledger3.html#Asset-Allocation
> which is more or less what envelope budgeting is plus a bit.
> see
> https://www.ledger-cli.org/3.0/doc/ledger3.html#Working-with-multiple-funds-and-accounts

Thanks a lot for these links! I was not aware that ledger had asset
This might save some effort in writing gnucash portfolio extensions
(https://github.com/MisterY/gnucash-portfolio). Perhaps I could even
interface to ledger-cli or another ledger client from Python.

A quick question, though - what do you guys use to have an up-to-date
records in ledger? How do you use (or export) GnuCash book into text files
appropriate for ledger?

Now I'm thinking how good it would be to have a translation layer that
provides the data from a GnuCash sqlite database to ledger.

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