, transaction.post_date and neutral time

Sébastien de Menten sdementen at
Sun Feb 11 07:33:52 EST 2018

When exporting data from SQL backends, I see some inconsistencies in the
handling of some date & datetime columns.

In the prices table, when adding price via the price editor, I see in the
date column a datetime with the UTC of the YYYY/MM/DD 00:00:00 of my local
timezone (CET).
For instance, for a price on 11/02/2018, I see  20180210230000, which is
the UTC value for 11/02/2018 00:00:00+01:00.
What is the reason of having the as a datetime type (vs a
simple date type) ?
Shouldn't it also be stored as  20180211105900, i.e. in neutral time as the
field transaction.post_date ?

In the transactions table, the post_date is handled as a date in gnucash
but stored also in a datetime type with the neutral time (10:59:00).
So for a transaction on 11/02/2018, I see 20180211105900.
What is the reason of having the transactions.post_date as a datetime type
(vs a simple date type) ?

If the reason are mostly legacy, are there some plans to change that in 3.0

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