Gmock issue

Fabio Coatti fabio.coatti at
Sat Jan 13 06:39:21 EST 2018

On Saturday, January 13, 2018 5:33:12 AM CET John Ralls wrote:

> That doesn’t answer or even address the questions.
> You seem to have missed that many projects, GnuCash included, set numerous
> CPPFlags and LDFLAGS in their configuration scripts... and that’s a
> completely separate issue from whatever restrictions Gentoo attempts to
> impose on its users.
> No, I don’t believe that using static libraries will mask ODR violations and
> bringing up a Googletest bug is utterly irrelevant.
> Geert has already told you that we’ll accept reasonable patches, though you
> should recognize that if someone at Gentoo isn’t keyed in to maintaining
> them they’ll bitrot.
> There’s another problem here: You say that you’ve already applied Googletest
> PR 1339 in Gentoo. Googletest hasn’t accepted that PR, so you’ve forked
> Googletest. Is that clearly documented to your users? Do you have written
> permission from Google to continue to call your fork Googletest? See the
> third bullet in
> <>.
> How many other project’s licenses does Gentoo violate?

The fact that Gentoo is or it's not violating licenses it interesting, but I 
guess this can bring us a bit far. My question, as a Gentoo user willing to 
use Gnucash is pretty simple: can we find a settlement where gnucash can be 
configured to deal with this situation, leaving to distro maintainer the burden 
to use it?
It could be something like a configuration switch (if automatic detection is 
too complex to maintain) to use google stuff  provided by the distro? It 
shouldn't be so difficult to maintain and at the same time provide a non-
intrusive way for distros to ease the installation process. 
Basically, reasoning as a ebuild maintainer, I think that having to modify the 
ebuild script to trigger some specific configuration is not a big deal 
(actually, happens quite often), but this requires at least some configure time 
option. What would be more problematic is to have to modifiy configure or other 
files provided by gnucash in order to have it compiled. With gentoo it is not 
so difficult to deal with CPU flags, and users are quite happy to mess with that 
if they want (just as example).
License violation can be a more complex issue, but as long as there is no 
violation on gnucash side, other license issues should be dealt with by the 
maintainers of specific packages and maybe this is already done, I don't know.

Just my 0.02€.

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