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Mon Jan 22 09:15:13 EST 2018

Hi, David,

Thanks a lot for the insights on GnuCash documentation in general!
The Guide was, for a long time, my main reference to GnuCash. That is, until
I started scratching the surface and look for more details on how to some
"dirty" work after switching to GnuCash, or after running into some
unexplainable issues that I considered bugs. Especially after I started
writing some tools and views I was used to but are missing in GnuCash at the
Thanks to Google, we can now access pretty much any piece of text ever
published about GnuCash and that certainly does not help one get around. :)
Additionally, if you look at the paragraph on the main wiki page under
"Getting involved in the GnuCash project", it clearly states that the Wiki
is to become The one and replace everything else. Statements like that
create certain expectations on the side of the reader, just like the text
about Lots. I, as a reader, create an image of GnuCash in the order of the
information I receive, not necessarily in the order it was written. 

>From the technical perspective, I'd prefer wiki just for the simplicity of
access and editing. This would require someone to police and edit the
contributions, of course, as well as arrange them by the application version
number they apply to. Not an easy task, I know. However, I hope that the
agility provided by wiki would work for a hobby project.

In any case, the main point is -yes - I thought that the Uservoice link
would be helpful on the main page, if it officially accepted
way of providing suggestions and voting on them. 


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