Extracting time-stamped path for "associated files" (audit report)

Matthew Giassa matthew at giassa.net
Mon Jan 22 21:08:14 EST 2018

Is there a way, via a shell script utilizing GNUcash or the python
bindings for GNUcash, to get a list of all expenses over a certain range,
and extracting the file "associated" with the transaction (i.e. receipt)?

I've written a simple plugin that takes a list of paths and date/time
strings, and using ImageMagik, creates a multi-page PDF (8.5"x11" for
now) of all the receipt images, handling resize/scale/etc operations
quite nicely. The goal is to make a free add-on (maybe feature) for
GNUcash to allow one to generate a PDF with all receipts for expenses
for the year, which can accompany year-end expense reports.

Thank you.


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